August 18,2020
To Our Valued Customers,


As national and global concern about the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak grows, our Team at Lynch Logistics is doing our best to keep everyone healthy and safe in the workplace while also minimizing disruptions to day-to-day service and operations. We take the health of our professional staff and valued customers seriously. It is our main goal to limit the spread of COVID-19 and our business policies and practices will change while COVID-19 is still a concern.

  • We are staying up to date with CDC guidelines and best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • HR and Safety are taking the lead and reporting to all of our employees daily with any pertinent updates.
  • Lynch employees will make every effort to maintain distance from others at all times – we will politely decline handshakes and, instead, give a friendly wave.
  • While we understand there is still a need to share paperwork, we will be providing writing instruments for drivers and other employees that need to furnish signatures, etc., however we will not provide electronic signatures on handheld devices.
  • We are providing employees with “sanitizer kits” including our over the road drivers who spend a great deal of time in their trucks delivering valuable services and goods.
  • Employees are being reminded daily to wash their hands and use sanitizer frequently.
  • When needed we will wear latex/nitrile gloves when servicing customers drivers and other employees.
  • We will utilize disinfecting wipes to clean high frequency touch points, such as driver window area, door knobs, etc. after each service.
  • We have asked our associates to stay home and self-quarantine at the first sign of any symptoms or illness and contact their Primary Care Physician for further instruction if symptoms persist.

Lynch Logistics is committed to doing our best to keep our team and valued customers safe, so these policies will continue to be updated as necessary in accordance with any new guidelines provided or as mandated by State and Federal legislation. The well-being of our customers and employees will remain at the center of our planning and decision making.

If you have any questions or concerns about upcoming business, please do not hesitate to call us at 207-942-2220 and ask for a member of our Team.

Lynch Logistics wants to thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time.



The Lynch Logistics and Lynch Family of Companies Team

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