Things you should know about Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Sept. 12-18, 2021

The Value of Our Truckers

More than 80% of our country’s neighborhoods and cities rely on truck drivers, including some of the most remote locations in the U.S. According to the most recent record, there are 3.5 million drivers making these trips! The work done by these men and women touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives, as they haul commercial goods, food, fuel, vaccines, emergency supplies, mail, construction components, and more. In fact, more than half of drivers log 500 miles or more per day, and cumulatively rack up more than 112,000 miles annually — approximately four times the length of the equator! As one of the most demanding and important roles in the nation, truck driving makes up the backbone of our nation.
The job of a truck driver goes beyond the simplicity of “sit and steer.” Every day, our drivers go above and beyond to deliver goods safely, securely, and on time. The role also demands managing busy schedules, adapting to ever-changing regulations, and navigating heavy traffic. It requires long hours — sometimes weeks — on the road and extended time away from family. All of these sacrifices are made so that businesses and individuals nationwide can receive the items they want and need.

An Essential Service

2020 was a year of exceptional circumstances for everyone. In a typical year, without deliveries from big trucks, grocery and convenience stores could run out of food in as little as three days. Clean drinking water and the supplies necessary to distribute and consume it would dry up in a month or less, and gas stations would sell out of supplies and products within just a day or two. In response to the pandemic, drivers across the nation stepped up to compensate for the new and overwhelming challenges by increasing their own workloads, demonstrating flexibility with their schedules and accommodating new stricter regulations and delivery requirements. These efforts succeeded in keeping goods and services flowing consistently and contributed to our country’s ability to rebound from an unsettling, unexpected and widespread disaster.

Ways to Say “Thanks” to Truckers

When you’re behind the wheel, be sure to give big rigs (and their drivers!) room and respect, extending that courtesy to in-person interactions wherever you may meet. Contribute to and follow the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week conversation on social media by subscribing to hashtags like #ThankATrucker and #NTDAW2021. A quick wave, saying hello or expressing appreciation for a truck driver’s hard work would make a positive “real life” impact during Appreciation Week and beyond. 

Appreciation Events: 

  • Maine Professional Drivers Association is scheduled to hold a truck driver appreciation event on Sept. 13 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will be located at the northbound scale facility on Interstate 95 in York, Maine. 
  • To celebrate NTDAW, Pilot is encouraging everyone to join in bringing back the infamous trucker arm pump! They’re also rewarding professional drivers all month with free drinks, new promotions and additional perks.
  • Love’s is celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week throughout all of September by giving away 14 million My Love Rewards points during the month alongside special promotions and food and beverage promotions.
  • Shell Rotella will be giving away custom trucker thank you gifts at participating LubeZone Truck Lube Centers and Pilot Flying J Truck Care Service Centers from September 17 through 20!