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The importance of cleaning and disinfecting your truck for the long haul

Between the new COVID variants, flu season, and the onset of dirty, slushy weather, it’s now more important than ever to keep trucks clean and sanitized. A few simple steps will keep your driving space safer as well as provide a sanitary and fresh work environment for coworkers! Where to Start When Sanitizing Your Truck … Continued

Top Ten Truck Driving Songs to Listen to On The Road

When you’re on the road and a great song comes on, do you sing along at the top of your lungs, drum along on the steering wheel, or just sit quietly and let it wash over you? Regardless of your musical tilt, the following driving tracks are bound to elevate your spirits and your energy … Continued

A Truck Driver’s Guide to Being Healthy on the Road

Long bouts of being OTR and the constant disruption to a “normal” schedule can leave drivers feeling stressed and unsettled. With a little forethought and focus on self-care, small changes add up to a big difference in your physical and mental health while balancing long-haul drives! Stay Hydrated It’s easy to forget, or even avoid, … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Pets On The Road

Long hours away from home, hauling freight across new borders sounds much more inviting with your favorite furry friend sitting in the passenger’s seat! Pets are proven to be a wonderful addition to life on the road. However, it’s important to consider all aspects of the responsibility before committing to a full-time four-legged or other … Continued

Gearing Up for Summer Driving

Summer Driving Safety Tips & Helpful Reminders The first rain after a dry spell can cause roadways to be much more slippery due to a build-up of rubber and oil on road surfaces. This time of year, more children are out of school and potentially near streets and roadways, and there are more people on … Continued

Protecting Your Investment

Why Climate-Controlled Storage Matters Climate-controlled warehousing keeps your inventory safe during normal weather conditions, even when you might not realize that your investment needs to be protected. Being in a climate-controlled environment brings stability of temperature, air pressure, and humidity. This keeps your products in great condition so they will look impressive when customers receive … Continued