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Trucker Lingo Decoded: Unveiling the Mystery Behind CB Radio Jargon

Truckers, the undisputed kings of the road, possess a secret language that turns mundane conversations into a symphony of jargon and slang on CB radios. At Lynch Logistics, we’ve embarked on a linguistic journey to unravel the whimsical and often puzzling lexicon of trucker lingo. Join us as we navigate through the colorful and cryptic … Continued

Navigating Success: Lynch Logistics and the Pulp and Paper Industry in Maine

Maine, with its breathtaking natural beauty and rich resources, has long been associated with the pulp and paper industry. As a leader in logistics and transportation solutions, Lynch Logistics has played a pivotal role in supporting this vital sector. In this blog post, we delve into the world of Maine’s pulp and paper industry, highlighting … Continued

5 Reasons Why a Commercial Public Warehouse is Beneficial to Bangor, Maine

Lynch Logistics provides dry, climate-controlled, food-grade, commercial, and industrial storage along with specialized support services from our professionally trained staff. Our Bangor, Maine warehouse locations support the area as well as businesses near and far. Here are a few ways that this happens: 1. Bangor, Maine is an Ideal Location for Transport! Bangor is the … Continued

Interesting Freight Hauled by Truckers

Truckers Transport Interesting Freight! Have you thought about how things get from one place to another? Here are some fun things we transport or handle: 1. Building Supplies & Raw Materials We’re pleased to work with suppliers both locally and from longer distances to transport plywood, solar panels, metal frames, pipes, and more. Many times, … Continued