Six Signs It’s Time to Start Your Career as a Truck Driver

1. You Have a Passion for the Road/Desire to Travel 

Have you always been the king or queen of roadtrips? Do you find miles passing by to be comforting, meditative, or exciting? If driving sparks a true passion for you, it’s a sure sign that you’re meant to pursue a career as an OTR driver. Maybe you have an affinity for big rigs and would love to spend your time hearing the rumble of the engine and feeling the power of being one of the biggest trucks on the road. There’s a true addiction to being in the cab, watching the world fly by as you eat up pavement and chase a new sunset.

2. You Love Seeing New Places

Have you always had a desire to travel, see new places, and “choose your view”? Being an OTR driver offers the amazing opportunity to visit new locales up close and personal on a weekly basis. Get a feel for varying regional cultures, sample novel cuisines, meet new people and soak in a fresh perspective – all while getting paid to do it!   Maybe take your 34-hour reset in a place you’ve always wanted to visit!

3. You Thrive on Independence and Prefer Working Alone

We pride ourselves on having a great team, but if you excel at working alone, this is a great gig for you. You’ll always have full control of the radio, be responsible for setting up your own day, and spend plenty of time alone with your thoughts.  Catch up on sports radio, podcasts, and audiobooks or choose to spend your time in silence – however YOU prefer to fill your time behind the wheel! 

4. You Want to Control Your Own Income and Earning Potential

Truck drivers can make more than $75,000 annually, according to a recent study – but that’s far from being the income cap! Safe driving, on-time deliveries, availability, and other bonus potential can boost your pay significantly. Additionally, the trucking industry presents a nearly endless variety of advancement opportunities, along with flexibility and valuable perks. 

5. You’re Serious About Safe Driving

If you take pride in having a clean record, being able to back the box into a tight space, and looking out for other drivers on the road, you’re the perfect candidate for a full-time driving gig. A safe operator is invaluable to employers, and the clean record that comes along with your careful driving practices is bound to boost your benefits. 

6. You Want to Make an Impact

Truck drivers are the lifeblood of nearly every major industry across the nation. Contributing to the continuous flow of goods during hard times, to small towns, or even to support major organizations brings with it a level of satisfaction and pride in your chosen profession. From small businesses and rural farms to city hubs and major chains, individuals and businesses alike rely on truckers to continue on a day-to-day basis. Get behind the wheel, and you support our success as a nation!

Ready to start your career as a truck driver? Take a look at available positions and APPLY TODAY!