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Ways To Stay Warm On The Road

This time of year presents a unique set of challenges for those who spend a lot of time behind a steering wheel. For over the road drivers, there’s always a chance of encountering inclement weather or being re-routed due to poor road conditions. We’ve collected the best tips for staying warm and prepared while driving during the winter:

Keep A Winter Emergency Kit

Include items that will help both you and your rig in the event that you’re re-routed or stuck during cold weather. Items in an all-season emergency kit may include:

  • Drinking water.
  • Nonperishable food and energy bars.
  • First aid kit.
  • Winter clothing (i.e. warm socks, hat, coat, gloves or mittens, long johns or pants, waterproof boots, etc.).
  • Hand and feet warmer packs.
  • Blankets/sleeping bag.
  • Red warning flag.
  • Matches and candles (plus, a metal can to burn them in to generate heat).
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • Snow shovel.
  • Ice scraper/snow brush.
  • Emergency warning triangles.
  • Contractor garbage bag to cover 5th wheel if bobtailing.

Staying Warm on the Road

Keeping toasty while driving can be its own challenge when you’re driving cross-country (or even across the state!). We recommend a few key practices and items to make sure you stay comfortable, no matter what kind of temperatures you roll through. For example:

  • Wear multiple light layers, preferably made of wool.
  • Keep a steady supply of warm beverages.
  • Use an insulated travel mug (or 12v electric travel thermos)
  • Get a heated seat cover.
  • Drive with gloves.
  • Wear an extra pair of warm socks.
  • Keep an eye on your fuel level.

Sleeping Overnight in Cold Weather

Driving down the road with the engine running and your rig’s heater blowing is a very different experience from parking overnight and trying to get some shuteye. The most reliable methods for staying warm are low-tech (don’t have batteries that die or fuel that will run out) and can be used safely in any situation. Here are the best ways to stay comfortable in your sleeper cab:

  • Inspect your truck before overnighting in it
  • Run your heater
  • Layer up
  • Keep the sleeper curtain closed at night
  • Use sunshades for insulation
  • Sleep on top of a 12v heated mattress pad or blanket
  • Buy a down comforter
  • Be sure to keep your sleeping space ventilated

Here at Lynch Logistics, we supply all of the necessary gear and if you, as a driver, need something else, we will make sure you are equipped properly.  Also, all of our over-the-road trucks(sleepers) are equipped with ParkSmart  (Freightliner’s own design) systems that run off battery packs to keep the cab warm at night without having to idle trucks.

Thanks to all Truck Drivers for braving the cold!