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improve your csa scores

5 Ways to Raise CSA Scores

What Are CSA Scores, And Why Are They Important? CSA is the program from FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) that focuses on safety compliance and enforcement. CSA creates safety accountability for vehicle carriers and operators by identifying safety issues and drawing attention to them to create change via warning letters and investigations. CSA safety … Continued

Annual Driver Meeting 2022

Our Annual Driver Meeting was held at our Corporate Office earlier this month and here are some of our highlights! Drivers and spouses put their driving on hold for a morning to catch up in person, hear company updates, and get new safety tips. What is an annual meeting without a few prizes? Competition was … Continued

Driver Appreciation Week 2022

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Sept. 11-17, 2022 The Value of Our Truckers More than 80% of our country’s neighborhoods and cities rely on truck drivers, including some of the most remote locations in the U.S. According to the most recent record, there are 3.6 million drivers making these trips! The work done by … Continued

5 Reasons to be a Truck Driver in Maine

Maine is an ideal place to start – or continue – your OTR career! Here are a few advantages to being behind the wheel in the Pine Tree State: 1.Year-Round Experience There are no off-seasons here! You’ll be driving in all conditions: Long, sunswept highways in the summer; hauling over frozen roads and frost heaves … Continued

5 Reasons Why Canadian Companies Should Partner with Lynch Logistics

At Lynch Logistics, we’re pleased to offer services to clients outside of the U.S. Here are the top five reasons why it makes sense for Canadian companies to work with us for warehousing, truckload freight transportation and other logistics services: STRATEGICALLY LOCATED  Lynch Logistics’s Warehouse Facilities are strategically located in Bangor, Hermon, Veazie, and Auburn, … Continued

truck drivers guide to eating healthy on the road

A Truck Driver’s Guide to Being Healthy on the Road

Long bouts of being OTR and the constant disruption to a “normal” schedule can leave drivers feeling stressed and unsettled. With a little forethought and focus on self-care, small changes add up to a big difference in your physical and mental health while balancing long-haul drives! Stay Hydrated It’s easy to forget, or even avoid, … Continued

Fuel-Saving Tips for Truckers

Little changes in your daily routine can make a BIG difference when it comes to fuel efficiency! In fact, increasing your fuel efficiency by 1 MPG can save over $10,000 per year. Here are a few easy ways to cut down on fuel consumption: Maintenance Tips to Help Save Fuel Keep up with Proper Tire … Continued

12 Reasons Why You Should Warehouse Your Solar With Maine Company Lynch Logistics

12 Reasons Why You Should Warehouse Your Solar With Maine Company Lynch Logistics Renewable energy, and solar power generation are expanding rapidly in Maine. Lynch Logistics is an excellent choice for a centralized location in Maine to inbound, warehouse, and distribute solar panels and solar equipment! Here’s why: Full-spectrum service: We have the ability to … Continued

Six Signs It’s Time to Start Your Career as a Truck Driver

1. You Have a Passion for the Road/Desire to Travel  Have you always been the king or queen of roadtrips? Do you find miles passing by to be comforting, meditative, or exciting? If driving sparks a true passion for you, it’s a sure sign that you’re meant to pursue a career as an OTR driver. … Continued

donations that the lynch family of companies did in 2021

The Many Ways to Give Back as a Business

One of the greatest honors we have as a company is the ability to give back to our community and find new ways to lend our support to important causes. You don’t have to have to be a billion-dollar corporation to be able to make charitable donations as a business! Companies of all sizes have … Continued